Hi my name is Ryan Taylor, and I have always loved seeing new places and meeting new people. I joined the Boy Scouts, and was part of that for almost 8 years. I went on camping trips, made new friends, and was able to see different parts of the country. I ended up finishing my time in the Boy Scouts and received the rank of Eagle Scout the week before my 18th birthday.
This time in scouting showed me how much I love traveling. There is so much the world has to offer and life isn't long enough to see it all, but I would happily spend my nights on a cold rock in the middle of nowhere, if it meant I could see just one more wonder of the world. My past has influenced who I am as a photographer, and is part of why I have such an intense focus on landscape and astrophotography.
I want to see the world and share my experiences with others. And that means being open to any and all types of photography.
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